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If you've been shopping for outdoor power equipment and commercial shop tools, look no further than Ingenium Power and Sport for the latest Makita has to offer. We have great deals on a few remaining "new" products from last year and a full line of this year's power tools designed to get the job done. Makita's cordless landscape equipment and shop tools all work off the same 18V fast-charging lithium battery platform. For those jobs that require a little extra power, Makita has taken the hassle out of gasoline-powered outdoor equipment with a quieter, easier to start 4-stroke engine.

Makita landscape equipment and commercial shop tools

The Makita outdoor power equipment line includes cordless options that deliver the performance of a gasoline-powered tool, as well as 4-stroke engine chainsaws and power cutters that work quieter and start easier.

  • Commercial Blowers - Makita's leading-edge battery technology and innovative motor designs offer commercial landscapers new options in 18V and gas engine performance for a broad selection of commercial leaf blowers.
  • Commercial Chainsaws - Makita's innovative line of chainsaws offers less hassle with no gas or oil mixing for reduced sound levels and zero emissions. Built by the cordless leader using Makita's patented 18V cordless system.
  • Commercial Hedge Clippers - Superior balance and functional ergonomics provide greater comfort and control with Makita hedge trimmers. Even during extended usage, the adjustable swivel handle and grips put less pressure on your back and shoulders.
  • Commercial Lawn Edger - Makita's commercial lawn edger is engineered to deliver performance, durability, versatility and control with a reduced-noise gas-powered engine and automatic decompression for easier starts.
  • Commercial Pole Pruner - This telescoping commercial pole pruner requires no fuel mix and uses straight gas for the Makita 4-stroke engine. The shaft adjusts from 8 foot to 13 feet for increased range and reach. Rubberized soft grip provides better user comfort.
  • Commercial Power Tools - From nibblers to nailers and shears to table saws, we carry a complete line of Makita commercial shop tools. For the most competitive quote on commercial power tools, contact Ingenium Power and Sport. Everyone loves the single 18V cordless power platform.

Our full line of outdoor power equipment and commercial shop tools gives users unmatched performance that is leaving the competitors behind.

Hassle free gas-power and 18V cordless platform

Makita's cordless platform of power tools not only meet corded demands but also can exceed the performance of corded tools; and all with the fastest charging 18V lithium-ion batteries in the industry. When it comes to gas-powered outdoor power equipment and landscaping tools, Makita has taken the hassle out of traditional 2-stroke power equipment. Their 4-stroke engines do not require fuel mixing and offer decompression for easier pull starts. You will enjoy the benefits of less noise, better fuel consumption and a smaller environment footprint due to fewer emissions.

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